Stoney Parsons has a highly developed creative mind: as a professional artist, she is a confident explorer of the twists and turns of her creative psyche.

So if you have a problem you can’t resolve, it may just be that the answer is already in your mind – if only you can access that part of it. Stoney can help you to open your mind to a different way of dealing with problems. A different way of looking at the world. A better way to live your life.

The best person to solve your problems is YOU – you have all the background knowledge, you know all the quirks and specialities that combine to, first, cause you to encounter these problems and, then, to solve them.

Come to Stoney’s fantastic studio where under her guidance you will access your creative brain and start plotting a new path through life.


Stoney is an accredited Relationship Dynamics 1st coach.

Coaching fees and terms

Coaching begins with a free 20-minute phone conversation with Stoney Parsons for you to establish that you are ready to commit to the changes your coaching journey will inevitably bring to your life and for you and Stoney to get to know each other a little.

After that, we charge a flat fee of £65 for phone or Skype coaching,

£75 for face-to-face coaching at The Glass Studio.

You might like to try Walking Coaching for £70 per session.


Skype, online or phone: 3 x 50 minute sessions £180

Face to face: 3 x 50 minute sessions £210

Creativity Breakthroughs; intensive discovery coaching in which your

hopes and dreams are clarified and blockages dispersed with the help of a personal coaching programme tailored for you. 

I day including lunch (10-4pm) price on application

Half a day (10-1) price on application

All sessions are 50 minutes