Creativity Breakthrough

An intensive, highly effective session, working with art materials to best suit your specific character traits, in a beautiful professional artists' studio.  Stoney will enable you to access the power of your creative mind to help you visualise and then achieve your dreams.

An initial telephone conversation will enable Stoney to assess your artistic requirements and how you can best access your creativity. She will then tailor a hands-on creativity workshop, just for you, during which you will explore how your creative mind can show you how to resolve problems that may have held you back for years.

★ You can remove blocks

★ You can work through the issues holding you back

★ You can move forward to a better life, feeling confident and clear

★ You can set realistic goals.

You will take away from your session artwork that will serve as a reminder of the breakthroughs you have experienced. It will be an anchor to keep you on track and ensure your motivation is at its peak, not just for a while, but continuously. 

Creativity Breakthrough for individuals

★ Half-day session (three hours) plus initial phone conversation. Total cost £250


★  Whole-day session including lunch (six hours) plus initial phone conversation. Total cost £500

Creative Breakthrough for Groups

★Group sessions, half-day plus initial phone conversation £150 per person, minimum 4 people

★Corporate sessions. Tailored Creativity Breakthrough for teambuilding and to manage change. Groups establish joint or individual goals, action plans and anchors to keep them on track. 

Contact Stoney Parsons to discuss your requirements.