Free Tasters

Taster 1


Try one small step and see where it leads you.


The Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

 –Lao Tzu, 6th century Chinese philosopher


Imagine yourself as successful as you could possibly be. How do you look? What are you wearing? Where do you live? Who are your companions? How do you spend your time?


Spend a few moments thinking about Successful You. Jot down some notes if you like, draw a little picture – it will help.


Now think about how you could move closer to this successful version of you.


What one small thing could you do that would start you on this journey?


You may think it’s going to be a long journey…but if you never take that first step, you’ll never know, will you?


It might be that something as simple as looking for a new job could be your start; maybe having a rethink about the way you deal with people, or the way you respond to difficulties. It could be that you need more data, so some research may be in order. One of my clients started wearing her “best” clothes every day, and saw amazing results (none of which she expected!).


The possibilities are endless!

Taster 2

Step outside your comfort zone


“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got” - Henry Ford


It’s called your “comfort” zone because you feel perfectly fine and confident there. No challenges. No pounding heart. No catch-in-the-throat breathlessness. Just nice, comfortable, everyday, “this-is-what-I’m-used-to” activities.


Which is fine, if that’s all you want.


If you want to expand your horizons, make some changes, explore all the marvellous possibilities that life holds, you will have to step outside your comfort zone.


Think about one thing you could do within the next seven days that will take you outside your comfort zone. I know, it’s scary, but I’m not saying you have to hire the London Palladium and sing a solo of Fly Me To The Moon.


Being outside your comfort zone might be joining a class or club; joining an online course to learn something you've always wanted to do but thought you wouldn't be good enough at; changing some part of your daily routine; saying hello to a neighbour; saying no to the friend who always seems to bully you into doing what they want.


Try it once and you’ll find your world starts to expand; your confidence will blossom. It’s addictive. And great!

Taster 3

Your Life Picture

Draw a picture describing your life: you don’t have to be an artist, only YOU will be looking at this.

Make your picture consist of

  1. A landscape or background (sunny, dark?) Flat? Hills? Trees, flowers? The sea? rocks

  2. Yourself (stick figure or cut out from a mag)

  3. Those closest to you (friends, partners, work colleagues etc)

  4. The biggest problem in your life – use a symbol if you like, perhaps a dark cloud, a spiral, a black blob, whatever you feel is most appropriate

Now put your picture somewhere safe and don’t look at it until tomorrow.


Have a good long look at your picture and “critique” it:


How big/small are you in relation to everything else in your picture? Do you have a smile?

How big are those around you? Bigger than you, smaller, close to you, far away?

Is your problem in the centre or to the side, large/small, scary or trivial?


Now think about that problem and how you can make it less of a feature in your life. What one thing can you do to make the problem less intrusive. One thing. Over the next 24 hours you’ll find you’re beginning to get a grip on that problem and can see new ways to resolve it.