'I saw Stoney for 3 sessions at the end of last year. My big problem was procrastinating and being stressed and overwhelmed. My mind was a log jam of things to do, and nothing was getting done! It was horrible, stressful and totally demoralising. Stoney listened, and listened and listened in her beautiful cosy studio  and guided me to recognise my priorities and choose just a few things to get done in-between sessions. And I got them done! I can’t put my finger on what the magic was, but it worked. Stoney is a lovely presence to be around. She is very understanding and empathetic with an innate ability to get to the heart of the problem and help you sort yourself out.'

'Working with Stoney was an inspiration. She really listens and understands the most complex and ‘stuck’ situations.

She is empathetic and constructive. I can’t recommend her coaching skills highly enough. Thanks Stoney.'

'I recently saw Stoney for some Life Coaching sessions.

Stoney really listened and heard me. I found her very understanding and empathetic, this enabled me to dig deeper and I gained new insights.

She helped me to focus and reinforced a positive attitude.

Her encouragement assisted me in making changes in my thinking and lifestyle, enabling me to move forward.' Eli

My coaching with Stoney have been very constructive and supportive.  Through the one to one sessions she has given me the ability to clarify and focus on what I really want and to create manageable goals but also not to stop dreaming big!  She has encouraged me to acknowledge any barriers and to challenge my mindset which has previously held back change.  I feel the supportive nature of these sessions will make a big difference in me achieving my ultimate goal. Sarah

I worked with Stoney through the She Leads Change programme. We worked together to identify achievable career goals and how to find creativity in the everyday. Stoney was very patient and nurturing and created a safe space for personal exploration and discovery. Helen